Local Avocados Get More Respect

In 2007 the Honolulu Advertiser printed an article by By Wanda A. Adams, the Food Editor that deserves another post.

There’s a tree in the memories of many older Islanders: It’s grandpa’s or grandma’s or auntie’s avocado tree, thickly shading a corner of the yard. The old-timers called them “pears,” or, in Hawaiian, pea (pay-ah). And the fruit — thick golden meat rimmed with lime green and handed out in bulging paper bags at family gatherings — puts today’s supermarket avocados to shame.

Where did all those avocados go? Continue reading


The Avocado Babies are Sprouting!

Every year we raise a special crop of avocado babies started from seed.  They clutter the whole house and shop because they need to be in sight since they need attention.

The water levels must be just right so that they root and if they expand too much we must move them into wider containers while they sprout. Continue reading

The Personality of the Avocado Tree

Sprouting the seedlings began as a hobby after reading about how nourishing and valuable the avocado fruits are to good health.  As the tree would fruit friends and neighbors enjoyed the harvest and remarked that they wished they had such lovely trees. The avocados on the Hulumanu trees grow to the size of small footballs and their elongated seeds have a personality.  Some resemble Flipper, the Dolphin, and others have features resembling happy whales, baby birds and cartoon characters.

As the roots and stems hatch the seed begins to smile as the split opens to allow the stem to shoot up and the leaves to open.  The root system is ready for soil which can be gradually added or transplanted to a pot or into the ground, keeping very moist while the plant settles in to a new home. Continue reading